Chris is a former United States Marine with multiple combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While forward deployed he participated in several large scale urban assault clearing operations as well as hundreds of patrol operations which included raid, ambush & reconnaissance missions.

Following  active service, Chris became a Police Officer where he has spent the last 12 out of 13 years in Law Enforcement as an active SWAT Officer.  Most recently Chris was assigned as a full time S.W.A.T. officer in the largest municipal police department in the state of Florida where he served as S.W.A.T. trainer, assaulter and sniper. During his time with the unit Chris participated in hundreds of high risk tactical operations as well as several high risk protective details for both current and former Presidents such as Joe Biden, President Donald J Trump, Barrack Obama & Secretary of State Hillary R Clinton.

Chris is a decorated officer having received several commendations for service along with multiple silver life saving awards over the span of his 13 years in police work. Lastly, Chris is a recognized subject matter expert in both tactical operations and training. He currently serves as the East Coast Primary Instructor for Fieldcraft Survival where he was handpicked and selected to provide tactical training across the US to citizens, police officers and members of the US Armed Services.


Formal S.W.A.T. Training: Miami Police S.W.A.T. School (3 weeks) class leader/ top shot award, FBI Basic S.W.A.T. (hosted by Monroe County S.O.), Jacksonville Beach Basic S.W.A.T. School, Zurich Police Advanced S.W.A.T. School- Zurich Switzerland

​Sniper Training: Miami-Dade SRT Basic Police Sniper Course, Sniper Craft Basic & Advanced Sniper Course, Florida S.W.A.T. Police Sniper I, II, & III, Tacflow Academy Sniper Response to a Public Venue

​Waterborne Training: Introduction to Maritime Operations (Florida S.W.A.T), Florida Regional Domestic Task Force Maritime Tactical Operations Advanced Armed Ship Boarding Course

Active Shooter Instructor: Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Instructor (active shooter), Exterior Response to Active Shooter Training Instructor

Police Instructor Certifications: Field Training Officer, State of Florida Certified General Topics Police Instructor, State of Florida Certified Firearms Police Instructor, Ballistic Shield Instructor (Point Blank) 

Tactical Helicopter Operations: Fast Rope Instructor, Certified Rapel Master, Certified Helicopter Crew Member

Miscellaneous S.W.A.T. Courses: Florida S.W.A.T. Search Warrant Planning and Execution Course, Response to Tactically Trained Subject, Multi-Jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force (MCTFT), Multi Weapons Operator Course (MCTFT), Basic and Advanced Tactical Drug Operations Course (MCTFT), Explosive Breaching for L.E. Course, Certified Colt AR-15 Armorer, Miami-Dade Police SRT Counter Assault Team Dignitary Protection Course, Steiner DBAL A3 (dual beam aiming laser instructor)