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Divergent Pistol 1  6/25

Divergent Pistol 2  6/26


This is where a solid foundation in Handgun Safety and Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship are built.  Whether you've been shooting all of your life or just starting we will work together to make sure it's solid. I will push you and myself to deliver a more effective tool for your toolkit. 


This is a realistic training course that is founded on lessons learned on the modern battlefield.  I will use elements from Combat Stress and the Competitive Shooting World to complement this course. You will be pushed physically and mentally with the goal being to find YOUR optimal space for growth.  When I find that space I will help you take your shooting to a level you couldn't have imagined on your own.



Pistol  w/250 rounds for each day with retention holster friction or retained with min of 3 magazines and two mag pouches 


Movement is life Pistol  6/25

Movement is life Rifle   6/26

Gunfights happen at the speed of life. They often occur in the most undesirable locations under circumstances we can’t control. The reality of life is that shooting from static positions though extremely comfortable in nature may not be an afforded option or luxury for you to utilize in a critical incident. In these two courses (Pistol/ Rifle) the attending personnel will be taught how to effectively engage threats while moving at rapid, manageable speeds.


These courses have been designed to push the students to a new level of confidence with their weapons as they will now have a very good understanding of where they red line and where they operate on the move at optimal performance. These courses are a baseline model for students to build  repeatable performance from where they can continue to grow and develop their individual skill sets well after the ORP moves on the final assault.


Pistol w/250 rounds/ 3 Mags min/ Belt w/ Holster & mag pouches 

Rifle w/ rounds/ 3 Mags min w/ Sling


Low-Pro Pistol 6/25

Low-Pro Carbine 6/26


The Low-Pro Pistol/Carbine course curriculum was designed for the everyday citizen/non uniformed end user who intends on using a pistol or carbine in defense of human life. 


The points of instruction for this course were specifically derived from real world experiences, after having spent years working in a low-profile domestic law enforcement capacity.


There will be an emphasis of focus on both software and hardware considerations as it pertains to the performance required to ensure a successful outcome in a dynamic situation, that evolves rapidly and requires a lethal solution. 


Attire/Equipment: This course is designed to improve the end user’s ability to work while outfitted in everyday carry gear and perform from concealment. Students will be allowed to carry one pistol/carbine reload on the belt in a pouch designed to be concealed or from pockets.


Pistol w/250 rounds / concealable Holster/ 3 mags

Carbine w/250 rounds/ 3 mags/ sling                  

Total Round Count for Event: 
             1,000 Rounds pistol
             500 Rounds Rifle
             Bring more if you would like


Preferred Electronic or Powered Hearing Protection For Best Training Environment 

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