This Gunfighter Skills & Development Course will assist the experienced shooters ability to employ their weapon systems in a more efficient & effective manner during high threat incidents. Attending personnel will hone in on the fundamentals of shooting where they will dissect the importance of prioritizing them with the task at hand. Students will build efficiency through a more common-sense approach to tactical firearms employment. Topics covered will include mindset, theory-based training vs. experience-based training, weapons handling procedures & prioritization, shooting principles & fundamentals, individual marksmanship with performance-based tasks & drills which will enhance the shooters overall firing platforms for real world engagements. Students attending will be conducting several stress induced drills while shooting and moving and engaging multiple threats. If you’re looking to sharpen your tactical blade and take your individual performance behind the gun to the next level then this is the course you’ve been looking for. build confidence in your abilities and have a great time while doing so.