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The ultimate summertime skillset and development tactical training event in the nation has arrived- TTOG's (ORP). (ORP) Objective Rally Points are used in military strategy as an identified location where units and unit members gather to make final preparations before taking actions on the objective.  Those of you that seek preparedness are those unit members. At TTOG's (ORP) your attendance will validate your commitment to preparedness as you will be pushed to grow and develop certain skillsets which will better prepare you for the fight of your life, "AKA" YOUR  actions on the objective. 

In attendance will be US ARMY Special Operator (Ret) MSG Kyle Morgan, Former US Marine/ Ret. SWAT Ofc. Christian Galls & Ret. SWAT Ofc. David Acosta. (ORP) Okeechobee will be like no other event on the planet. Each of (ORP's) guest instructors will be providing (2) training courses along with a speaking engagement providing all in attendance with some of the finest individual leadership and mentor training on mindset and resiliency available anywhere. 

(ORP's) mission- set is to provide the most in-depth, quality and affordable training around while simultaneously mentoring those in attendance to become the most capable and prepared leaders they can be.

If you're looking to achieve a new level of personal growth while pushing yourself to the brink in training then this is the atmosphere for you. The

(ORP) training days will include two full days of training on the range (18 hours) along with 3 speaking engagements from the cadre. Set yourself apart by attending this motivational weekend which will be full of laughs, sweat and one hell of a great time. Provided will be 2 catered lunches along with 1 dinner event. 

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